Event report from Oda Johanne´s Windsurf Festival 2018, Brazil

“Oda Johanne´s Windsurf Festival” for the 2nd time at Møvik, Larkollen.

It took me some time to write about it, as I´m still overwhelmed that it turned out the way it did… The 15th-16th of September we could welcome 68 windsurfers to join the windsurf clinic we had during these two days. The sailors were divided into different groups depending on their level. On Saturday when the sun was out and the burgers were on the BBQ, 200 people were at the festival area. I almost had to fell a tear of happiness when we had a lunch break. That was the moment I realized the great thing about gathering so many windsurfers together in one place at the same time. It was for sure a lot to organize and not much sleep the weeks before the event, but I guess it was all worth it when this was the outcome. Thanks to all of you for coming, and sharing hours on the water together.

Oda clinic Larkollen-12.jpg

It was awesome to have my friend and the best windsurfer in the world, Sarah-Quita Offringa from Aruba, to come to Norway this year again. Thank you Magdalena! (SQ´s new nickname). The next question is, how can I trick her to come back again next year? Any ideas are more than welcome =)

I want to give a special thanks to Håkon Skorge and Gard Langseth who did an awesome job as instructors together with Sarah and me. Gard was learning windsurfing to the beginner group that had never tried windsurfing before. It was cool to see them being able to sail that well just after 2 days of practice. Big respect to all of you! Most of all I love the Norwegian windsurfing spirit that shows how much we love the sport. On Sunday the forecast was predicting a lot of wind. But it came very late and also with some rain. Despite all that, people were on the water windsurfing until it was too dark to see anything. Happy and tired!

This event could never happen without the huge help from my family. Our parents, siblings, cousin and friends; Thank you! A special thanks to my dad who drove 4 different trailers back and forth, and my grandmother who is 90 years old and made “Norwegian Vafler” 20 hours during the weekend. That´s totally cool! I hope I will be like her in 61 years from now…

Mikael Linder (Into Fire & Water) who is a top photo/videographer from Varberg, took his time to come all the way from Sweden. Thanks for that, and looking forward to seeing you back in Lejet soon! Check out the photos he took in the album below.

Big thanks to the festival sponsors for your great support: Jatak, Carlsen Fritzøe, Maxim Norge, Kiwi Rygge, Srf,Sno&Sk8 and Skiogsurf.no. =)

Next question is, do you want to join next year festival in 2019? Should we do it again…?

Right after the festival, Sarah-Quita, Håkon, Eva Wyss and I went on a road trip in Norway. First to Stavanger and then to Lofoten. Stay tuned for the video coming soon… I can easily say that the weeks in Lofoten were the most interesting time I´ve had in a long time. I´m going back there next year again, no doubt about it!

Now I´m currently in Brazil, my 2nd home, for the winter training. We are doing a freestyle and wave competition these days, and we have had great days so far! Ready for the final in both freestyle and wave tomorrow. Still unreal to have won the wave single elimination yesterday with all the great windsurfing girls here. It´s been a dream to do pushloops in a heat on starboard tack, and finally, it all came together with great ramps, wind and long waves. All at the same time! Tomorrow we will do the final in the double elimination, and I can not wait to see Sarah-Quita going for the double forward loops… =)





“Behind the scenes” of how we train freestyle windsurfing

Join me on a day of training in the lagoon with my friends. It´s a fun ride on the buggy through sand dunes to get there. This video shows you “behind the scenes” of how we train freestyle windsurfing together. Pushing hard, crashing harder, and finally we succeed! This is the 4th episode of “My South American Diary”.

Sarah-Quita og Oda Johanne – Klare for Windsurf Festival 15.-16. september


Vi gleder oss til å samle alle windsurfere på Larkollen (Møvik) 15.-16. september.

Mer info:
Årets Oda Johanne’s Windsurf Festival 2018 blir helgen 15.-16. september på Larkollen, Møvik. Sarah-Quita Offringa kommer i år også! Det blir kurs, freestyle show, bruktmarked, windsurf butikk, demo, utekino lørdag kveld, videoanalyse av jibb og loop på storskjerm m/Sarah-Quita, cafe, grilling og svært sosialt! Vi håper å samle alle windsurfere i Norge denne helgen🤗

-Festivalbillett uten kurs (barn gratis) Påmelding: VIPPS 200 kr per pers til 118551 (Norway Sports Adventures)
-Festivalbillett m/kurs 1400 kr. Påmelding: på e-mail, odajohanne@hotmail.com.