Watch me foiling yesterday! VIDEO

As the wind has been really light last days, I’ve had the chance to try foiling. It’s a lot of fun, and you don’t need much wind. Here I’m sailing with my Severne Reflex 7.8. Between 5-10 knots of wind. Filmed with the drone DJI Mavic Pro. The feeling while foiling over the water is unreal. I think it’s the closest I’ve been to the feeling of actually flying. Foiling is the smoothest thing.


Bonaire updateūüŹĄ

Every winter I spend a few months in the Caribbean to train. I packed my freestyle and slalom gear with me and flew back to Bonaire. The two first weeks were great for freestyle every day, even a few days with the 4.4 and 4.8 but mainly using my biggest sail 5.2. I know the wind can be very up and down here so I made sure to spend my time as cleverly as possible having two sessions every day. It’s nice to feel improvement. Landing my first culos and some burner/skopu’s on my biggest sails felt good. For me, freestyle has always been easier in stronger winds, that’s why the light wind is a big challange for power moves. But it’s getting better and better.

Photo: LacBayVilla

I went to Bonaire not only to train freestyle, but also to train as much slalom as possible as I really want to step up my slalom game for the upcoming season. While the pure freestylers here have been going nuts of lack of wind, “us slalom sailors” have had two weeks of amazing ¬†slalom training. We have a good group of people training together from all over of different ages. Close gybes around the marks/crashing into each other and getting the start perfect. On the extremely light days I’ve learned foiling, it’s sick stuff. Almost no wind and you feel like you’re flying, more like Allahdin on the flying carpet. ¬†First time trying it it was weird, but after a few runs it made more sense. It’s all about finding the right balance. Thanks to Amado for using his foil!

The foil master Amado Vrieswijk! Photos: Nancy Vrieswijk

After two weeks of slalom, strength and fitness training at HFC Bonaire, it’s finally time for some stronger wind again. I’m ¬†super excited for the upcoming days. My list of freestyle moves I want to learn is never ending, so bring on the wind!

Photo: GetWindsurfing

Some photos from the biggest mountain/hill on Bonaire that we hiked on a non-wind day.

Brandaris 241 meter. A great hike with friends. Photos: LacBayVilla

Windsurfing on Tv2 Sport and training in the Caribbean!

Last week TV2 Sport showed a reportage of me and the life as a windsurfer on TV. Have a look at the internet link above.

I am back in the Caribbean, on Bonaire, for two months of training! Have sailed freestyle and slalom everyday so far. I’m very happy to be back where I belong!


Photo from Bonaire last year. Photo: Marcus Seidel


Pic by Jan Wachtmeester Photography