It´s been a long time since I wrote here, as I´ve mainly used this page to put out my videos. But here is a short update of what´s been going on!

Before Christmas I spend 2,5 months in Brazil. It was, as always, many great memories and sessions on the water with friends. New moves were landed and my 2017 LOOP CLINIC with 5 brave Norwegians were held! Was great to also see PWA freestyle girls Maaike Huvermann and Sarah-Quita Offringa joining the Brazil training for this year. Normally Arrianne Aukes and I are the girls who always seem to end up going back to Jeri year after year. I guess the same is going to happen with Maaike and Sarah-Quita from now on… Because the place is ON FIRE every day! A mix of freestyle, SUP, surfing and wave/jumping is just what you want to spend your time doing.

If you missed it, check out my last video from Brazil here: DEFYING GRAVITY. It´s a video special dedicated to my sponsor Maxim Norge. I´m happy to cooperate more with them for this year. For more info check out their webpage here:

After Brazil I spend one month in Norway. It was a special time as I just became an aunt. My brother and his girlfriend got a girl called Klara Johanne. She is cool and has a strong personality already! So welcome to the world little girl!

The time in Norway was incredible. During New Year´s we went to my cabin in the mountains for cross country skiing and randonee skiing. If you don´t know what that is, it´s a sport where you hike up a mountain on skis and on top you take off the grip on the skis and ride POWDER (on a good day) downhill. It´s magical, and I just got some brand new skis so I can enjoy the powder even more. Thanks to Tendenzer! I also went to another trip to Hemsedal with my good old handball girls and their boyfriends. All of them have these randonee skis now. We scored some great days in the mountains!




I´ve to say that the stay in Norway also gave more excitement to future plans! We just upgraded our car park with this beauty: Volkswagen Crafter 2012. Okey okey… Normal people will not call this a beauty, but it will become one. We will build it inside dedicated to travel around Norway from the south to north and around in Europe. It will have features like a bed, windsurf/bike/ski storage, kitchen, heater, couch and a hot water shower. Maybe we will also make a cinema in there?! Having a car like this will make it easier to discover the world more and find new spots to train windsurfing, give windsurf clinics (with my company Norway Sports Adventures AS) and film action videos in epic landscapes. So expect to see Håkon and me ROOOOOOLLIN` in the future!


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#Overdramatic – NEW VIDEO ONLINE!

Info about the video: Oda, Maaike and Sarah Quita all planned their winter training in Brazil this year.
They spent quite some time together sailing at Jeri and at the lagoons.
After watching this funny video about a horse being the definition of overdramatic we quickly developed this joke that they shouldn’t be so dramatic. Watch that clip here: overdramatic horse
On these little trips to the lagoon and when out of the water there was always a bit of drama going on.
Oda was sure she was almost attacked by a crocodile (There are only small fish in the lagoon), While camping in the dunes Sarah-Quita made up her boardbag bed as high as possible because she’s terrified of toads. And Maaike.. well actually Maaike is the least dramatic of them all. Until she gets on the water of course. She has the most exaggerated crashes and her dramatic moment was when she almost knocked herself out and had this huge bump develop on her forehead. Maaike is dramatically hardcore.
All drama on the beach aside, the girls have pushed each other hard on the water and produced this little #overdramatic freestyle clip featuring mad forwards, pushloops, kono’s skopu’s and more.

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Music: Sleepwalker (Feat. London Thor) [DROELOE Remix]

LOOP CLINIC JERI 2017 – video

Just ended the 2017 LOOP CLINIC here in Jeri with an amazing group of men giving it all! They were improving their speed, jumps, gybes, duck gybes, tacks and loops! A special congrats to Simen Elvestad for landing his first loop after 5 intense days of training! So stoked that they all went for the loop from day 1! Thanks for joining the clinic guys. Was just so much fun! Get in touch to join the 2018 freeride and loop clinic here in Jeri October 2018. E-mail: