Bump&Jump, Freeride and Loop Clinic in October in Jericoacoara!

Oda Johanne Jeri250 Windsurf Clinic 2018.jpg

For the last 3 years, I have organized windsurfing clinics at my favorite place on earth, Jericoacoara, in Brazil together with Jeri250. Last year I had a dedicated loop clinic. It was a great success and the sailors who joined got over the fear and went for their first loops.

As last year, there will be a lot of focus on the loop, but also a clinic where you can learn your first jumps, basic wave riding and get a better stance to sail faster. And of course, learn that tack and plaining gybe and never look back. Jericoacoara is a perfect place to run a clinic as we have wind every single day in October (at least for the last 7 years…)

The clinic will last for 4 days from the 10th – 13th of October, with 2 sessions per day.

Price: 4 days clinic – 500 euros

9 days rental gear/accommodation/transfer from airport – price starting from 839 euros. (You can choose to book for less/more days).

If you want to join, you only need to book your flights and travel with your suitcase. The rest we will arrange =) The place you can stay at (Pousada do Mauricio) is located 100 meters from the beach and you don´t need a car. Just sunglasses, sunscreen and a lycra!

For more info e-mail: odajohanne@hotmail.com




Windsurfing with no wind!

Just a normal day at the beach! God knows how many times I drove to this spot with a windy forecast that never showed up. Sitting at the beach with barely any knots, forced to return the 45-minute drive. Not anymore with a foil in the van =)

New video – “Get Shit Done”


It refers to the life of a windsurfer without a coach, manager or any other system that tells you what to do, when to work out, when to book tickets, how to find sponsors and how to make a living. We are our own coaches, managers and time planners. So to get where you want as a windsurfer, you simply need to get your shit done – because a windsurfer’s life is the best life!

Watch in HD!

Thanks to all my sponsors for all the support!

“A Windsurfer´s Dream” – New video

«A Windsurfer´s Dream»

Thanks to Tom Deburchgrave for the filming and editing. It was great doing this together in Cape Town during a few sessions on the water.

The video is about my journey from a life of playing handball, studying and living in Norway, to becoming a professional windsurfer traveling the world searching for wind!

As this video goes online now, I really want to thank a few special people who made this life possible, and guided me to follow my heart to live a different life! It started with a motivation speech from Karina Hollekim – one of the most badass women (in a good way) on the planet. Base jumping from the top of mountains and just being awesome traveling the world. After that day I wanted to do something similar. Not jump from cliffs, but to take my windsurfing to the next level and discover the world!

I got really motivated by Martin Haglev who had a windsurfing shop in Oslo. He said: «GO compete Oda, here is the gear you need!» And from there on I have been very lucky to get sponsors from my local area. Stian Vedal in VEMA has been one of the main reasons I can still do what I do! Also a big thanks to Svein Rasmussen and Starboard Windsurfing. It´s great riding for a brand that really appreciates having girls on the team, so thank you giving me the chance to work with you! Thanks to my local distributor Karl Aksel Aubert at skiogsurf.no, who always helps delivering gear at a high level! Thanks to Timm-Daniel Köpke in Maui Ultra Fins for the support through all the years. This was my first sponsor and still riding for you! Thanks to Severne Sails for having me in the team and making the best sails! Also a big thank you to Luca and Pousada WindJeri, O’Neill and my sister Line Therese Strøm Vikene for all the support and endless wetsuits! So excited to be with Maxim Norge for this season as well, and amazing to have Rune Kransberg with me on the team this season! I can´t wait to start the 2018 competition season! 10 days left until the 1st World Cup in Morocco!
A huge thanks to my love Håkon Skorge for sharing the passion. He is probably the only one in the world who really knows what I´m doing! And to my family, all my 3 parents: Thor Stokstad, Hege Brødholt and Rigmor Fagerheim. My brothers and sisters, mini Klara and grandparents! Big love!

I would also like to thank all the 180 people who took part in our 2017 Windsurf Clinics. I´m really excited for our new 2018 clinics:) We are ready to help you take your windsurfing to the next level with our company, Norway Sports Adventures!

Okey, that´s enough… Go watch the video=)

Cape Town, South Africa – What a Place!

For a change this year I booked a 4 week trip to Cape Town, South Africa. I teamed up with my boyfriend Håkon and went to the airport in Oslo. After one of the hardest check-in´s in my windsurf career, we manage to get five 2.5 meter bags with us on the plane. Hundreds of dollars less we were on the plane pretty happy that the adventure was about to start. Last time we were in Cape Town was in 2012, when I first started to really train freestyle. That year we were not lucky with the wind, but this year was a different story!


I really wanted to go to Cape Town to improve my jumping on port tack (left hand in front). I have only sailed this tack a few days in Denmark last year, so I knew it would be a big challenge. We all know Cape Town can be rough and brutal at some days. The month I spent in Norway before flying to South Africa I did a few free diving sessions, and it was really cool! That training gave me more confidence if I would get into trouble.  Added with a lot of physical training I felt ready to hit the sharky water…

Skjermbilde 2018-03-16 kl. 15.50.04.png

Arriving in beautiful Cape Town the wind was already howling. I normally went to the gym around 8am to match my gym skills against Sarah-Quita Offringa…pfff! Together we had some great workout sessions. A few hours later the wind normally kicked in at the lake. We went there for some challenging windy, gusty and choppy freestyle. I really enjoyed sailing here now. Nothing is better than getting those burners and skopus powered up on my Severne Freek 4.0 and Starboard Flare 93. After the freestyle session we went sailing at the ocean side. Most of the days the size of the waves were okey to improve in. Some days (more south) were more tricky, and left me, and many other sailors on the beach with mast high+ waves and super light wind. One day… one day… I will be out there enjoying these conditions also… Really inspiring watching the R E A L wave sailors ripping!

Skjermbilde 2018-03-16 kl. 15.51.02.png

One of my favorite conditions in Cape Town were the days with head high ramps where I could freestyle between and off the waves. I was happy to land backloops that tack. Still a lot of training before they will look the way they look in my dreams though…

Skjermbilde 2018-03-16 kl. 15.48.28

Out of 4 weeks I will say the first 3 weeks were really good, and we could sail almost every day. If the weather was bad in Cape Town (in Table View were we lived), we went for a 1,5 hour drive to a magical lake named Brandvlei. What a place! With no wind in Cape Town, we could sail small sails in strong wind there! I learned that there is always a big chance of finding wind somewhere within 2 hours of driving.

In a few days a new video from Cape Town will be online. I did a fun short video project with the documentary filmer Tom Deburchgrave. Follow my Instagram and Facebook page to watch the video soon.

Skjermbilde 2018-03-16 kl. 15.50.37

After Cape Town I went home for 4 days before flying to Bonaire in the Caribbean. Here I´ve been 3 weeks already. The two first weeks had lack of wind, so I spent my time well in the gym and had some nice slalom and foil sessions. For the last week I´ve been sailing freestyle on my 4.4 every day! Can´t complain about that! Check out a short clip from the gym:


Also the new dates for our 2018 Windsurf Clinics in Norway and Brazil are online now: (more info e-mail odajohanne@hotmail.com)

2018 KURS






Nye kurs i windsurfing for 2018 er nå satt opp! Felles for damer, menn, gutter og jenter! Påmelding: odajohanne@hotmail.com
Håper å se mange av dere på vannet!

Det blir også satt opp spontan kurs i loop når det er meldt bra vind!

Bli med til Brasil på kurs i oktober. 4 dagers kurs for å lære hopp, jibb og loop.

Mer info om 2018 “Oda Johanne’s Windsurf Festival” kommer senere! Sarah-Quita Offringa kommer også i år!


Workout Video!

Something completely different from what I normally post, still such a big part of my life = workout! Yes, I do not only windsurf… In collaboration with Maxim Norge and Alex Mertens we made this workout video. For sure a bit of strength makes windsurfing easier and more fun. Follow my Instagram for daily updates from all around the world! Thanks to HFC Bonaire and Flamingo TV Bonaire for their support! Watch in HD.