Thanks to the guys at Windsurfing.TV for making this one. I love freestyle and I LOOOOOVE this move: the BURNER! I live for the moment when I´m in the air holding the sail in one hand. It´s just cool!

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Save The Ocean

Save our ocean!

We were 2 months in Jericoacoara, Brazil to windsurf. When we went to the lagoon we found a place right outside the main streets full of plastic. My friends said yes to join a beach clean up, and it was a nice thing to do together between freestyle sessions. We hope for a cleaner ocean and that we find a solution to all the plastic pollution. Take action and do a beach clean up at your beach=)



New video – Good Stuff, Part 1

Roadtripping in Europe. Currently in Spain. Follow my “Good Stuff” videos from this adventure =) We started in Tarifa, and then went more north to a fun freestyle wave spot.
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“Lovely Holiday” – New Video

Beatrice used to be one of the tourists that would come to Jeri to just enjoy the caipirinha’s and watch the windsurfers sail into the sunset. Until one day she was very curious to find out what the fuss was about this windsurfing and why these windsurfers would spend hours and hours on the water. She gave it a try and loved it! Now she’s trying to convince her friend Magdalena to give it a go as well. Magdalena really loves coffee so it could be hard to get her on the water. This is the story of 2 tourists trying a new sport, and before they know it they fall in love with it. And…. ACTION!

This year again Sarah-Quita Offringa met up with Oda Johanne on her yearly trip to Brasil. It was another amazing two weeks sailing at the lagoon, Jeri and Maceio. The cherry on top were two days of really fun swell in Jeri. Filming for “Lovely Holiday” was probably one of the most fun sessions in Maceio. For an hour we were sailing in our dresses and hats without harnesses trying to synchronize our moves. It was almost impossible because the waves in Maceio don’t come in one line.

So you may have noticed that our synchro shots are not so synchro! We also learned that backslaps after a failed forward are brutal without a harness. Other highlights of the trip were Magdalena (Sarah-Quita’s alter ego on the water) launching into her first double forwards, and Oda pushing to new heights on her pushloops on the big wave days! Brazil delivered once again!

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“Behind the scenes” of how we train freestyle windsurfing

Join me on a day of training in the lagoon with my friends. It´s a fun ride on the buggy through sand dunes to get there. This video shows you “behind the scenes” of how we train freestyle windsurfing together. Pushing hard, crashing harder, and finally we succeed! This is the 4th episode of “My South American Diary”.