Join me on a trip to Jericoacoara, a true paradise in Brazil! Here I was sailing with the local hero Edvan de Souza. Edvan is the only guy in the world that can jump that high on the small waves in Jericoacoara. He has been sailing here everyday since he was 12 years old. Watch the video and stay with us in this paradise for 3 minutes.

Update from Brazil!

From the mid of October I spent my 2 month winter training in Jericoacoara, Brazil. It’s always great to come back to Jeri as it’s like my 2nd home. The first weeks were awesome. Windsurf, surf, acai and forro all day long. After 2,5 weeks of great sailing I was a bit unlucky and crashed hard trying a ponch. I twisted my knee and couldn’t windsurf for the next three weeks. I went to Fortaleza to take X-rays and MRI. The photos showed that I had a small rift in the meniscus and a muscle around the knee. It was actually not that bad news. A big thank to my friends Tom Soltysiak and windsurf-doctor Eva Oude Ophuis for helping me out of the water. And to the guys who carried me all the way home from the beach.


Got some good speed with the crutches! Photo: Lene Kyte

During the weeks off the water I trained TRX rehab everyday, filmed my friends windsurfing and watched the Wind Jeri wave and freestyle contest. The action was great to see from the beach with top riders in the men and women disciplines.

Arrianne Aukes and I had our windsurfing clinic in November. Thanks to everyone who took part of it. Great to see how much you all improved during those four days.


The last three weeks of my trip I was windsurfing every day again. Regular ducking moves on starboard tack seemed to be impossible for my knee, so I decided to learn other regular stance moves that didn’t disturb my knee. I was pretty happy just to be back on the water sailing around instead of facing the TRX exercise ropes again. Thanks to my boyfriend for being the best fysio. With his help I was back on the water in record time!


Photo: Adrian Irvine

This week a new video will be online “SAILING IN PARADISE”. It’s a windsurfing clip together with my friend Edvan de Souza. Follow my facebook page “Oda Johanne Windsurfing” to watch it in a few days!

Hope to see you all back in Jeri next year!


Forward loop. Photo: Adrian Irvine


Adventure – new spot!


Cake contest – big event every year. Congrats for the 1st place Håkon and Marit!


10 days sailing in Maceio


SUP in waves before the wind kicks


Busy days of travelling!

Last weekend I drove all the way from Oslo to Bergen to take part in the Atlantic Winds Challange, the Norwegian Championship in slalom and freestyle. The forecast was looking good, but at the end it was just not enough wind to compete. Other than that it was a great event with around 50 competitors. Some young upcoming stars and some Olympic RSX sailors. The location was Glesvær in Bergen, a very nice place to sail. Hope to be back here next year – with some wind!

Arriving back in Oslo after a long drive back from Bergen, I had to pack my bags again as my flight to Holland was leaving the next day. I’m now in Brouwersdam in Holland to compete in the European Freestyle pro tour. The first day of the competition we had a bit of sailing, but just not enough wind to go through one elimination. The two last days I’ve been watching the tow-in for a bit. Fingers crossed that the wind will show up soon so we can start to compete again. I’m not the biggest fan of waiting around, but luckily it looks like we will get some knots of wind the last day of the event on Sunday.
Have a look at this nice video produced by

After the EFPT here in Holland I will be home for only days before flying to Brazil, Jericoacoara, for my winter training! Still possible to take part of Arrianne Aukes and my windsurfing clinic there in November. Very excited to go back there!

LISTA on fire!

Last weekend was amazing sailing waves on Saturday and slalom/freestyle on Sunday! Check out the photos taken from Lene, Adam and Håkon.