50 knots, alot of sand and 5th place in the PWA worldcup!

Last week I finished my first freestyle worldcup here in Fuerteventura. It was a good experience to sail heats for the first time. I really expected to be last, but ended up on a 5th place out of 11 girls. So better than expected. I arrived on this windy island a few weeks before the competition to get some good training. First I waited a week before my windsurf luggage showed up, but thanks to Adam, Arrianne, James and Nic, who helped me out with borrowed gear, I didn’t miss one single day on the water.

The weeks before the competitions the wind was really strong. I sailed most of the days overpowered on my Severne freek 4.0. But when the competition started I was mostly on my 4.4 sail, which is a “big” sail for Fuerteventura. Sailing the heats was the most fun and you really try to do everything to win. My competitiveness I had playing handball a few years ago really came back, just even stronger!

The first competition day I won my first heat, and lost the next against Yoli de Brendt, who sailed really well and ended up on a 3rd place. Really cool to sail against all the girls who has many years experience from the worldcup.

In the last dobbel elimination who was the most important day for me, I won three heats in a row, and had alot of fun. In the 4th heat I lost against Olya Raskina. So at the end I ended up on a 5th place and happy about that. Also really cool that my good friend Arrianne Aukes became 2nd! Congrats! Looking forward for the next PWA event in Holland in September. Crossing fingers for strong wind! Check the photos!

første konkurransedag 111
første konkurransedag 004