New video and windsurfing in Norway

I arrived back home from Bonaire 3-4 weeks ago. My last weeks there were so good, with a lot of sailing in strong wind. Happy to land all the moves I planned to learn on this trip. I just uploaded a clip from my last sessions there. Mainly filmed by KUMA movie – thanks!

Soon the 2nd episode of our “Journals of an Endless Summer” with Arrianne Aukes, Maeli Cherel and me will be online. Maeli Cherel is the one who is editing the 2nd episode, so pretty excited to see it soon. If you missed the first one, watch it here:

Back home I have to say that life in Norway isn’t like life in Bonaire. At home I actually have to wear a watch to not miss out on things. No time to just live after the sun anymore. A week after I arrived back home I had a 15 minutes performance on the stage in Askim Culture House to talk about my adventures with windsurfing. It was for youth and a bit older people. Even my grandmother came. Maybe she got inspired to start with freestyle too?

Last weeks I’ve been working as much as possible and at the same time trying to windsurf as much as possible. It hasn’t been as windy as I was hoping for, but when it’s been wind I’ve been there. Fortunately I have some really cool and spontaneous friends. One of them is Ruben. One day we decided to drive all the way to to the south, Lista. In total we spent 12 hours driving for a 4 hour evening session. Perfect conditions for our Freek 4.8. And at the end we could have been on 4.0, but as lazy as I am (Ruben as well), we stayed with 4.8 and we were flying around having such a fun time. When it became darker and full moon we drove back towards Oslo during night. At 6 in the morning we were almost back home. On our way I spoke with my friend Dag, who where on his way to a spot called Bliksenkilen. So Ruben dropped me off along the road and Dag picked me up with all my gear, and there we were already on our way for a new session. I was a bit tired after driving the whole night, but woke up as soon as I got the cold water in my face. Have a look at the pics from Lista:

Even on the 17th of May (the Norwegian National day) we had some wind. I jumped out of my “bunad” (Norwegian National suit)  into my new O’neill Psycho wetsuit. Thanks to O’neill for helping me out with new wetsuit after someone stole all my old ones while I was in Bonaire.

Last weeks it looks like the media has been interested in windsurfing. Even Afterposten, which is the biggest newspaper in Norway, put a double page up with windsurfing. See the photos here and links below:

Link Aftenposten:

Link Moss Avis:

Link Smaalenenes Avis: