Update about the PWA world cup in Bonaire and the time in Lanzarote and Fuerteventura

In June, PWA arranged the first freestyle world cup of the year in Bonaire, in the Caribbean. The first day of the competition there was no wind, so everybody was preparing their gear and relaxed. After this day we sailed four days in a row. We managed to sail through two single and two double eliminations. For me this was my best result ever ending up on an overall 4th place. The best day for me was in the last single elimination, when I managed to advance against the very experienced sailor, Yoli de Brendt from Venezuela, and later on Maaike Huverman, who was ending up on a very impressive 2nd place. Even though we had great wind during the whole competition, this day was the only day with really strong wind, which is my favorite condition. I had some heats on 4.4 and some on 4.8. I was enjoying this day and was happy with ending the single elimination on a 3rd place. The next day we had the last double elimination and the wind was not that strong sailing with 5.2 during my heats. I had problems landing shakas and sw.konos which I knew I had to land to have a chance against Maaike. We had a very good and close heat, but I lost and Maaike went further and ended up a well-deserved 2nd place, after advancing against Arrianne Aukes again. On the first place, the Queen of Freestyle, is still Sara-Quita Offringa, from Aruba. She did shove-it spocks, culos, burners, shaka-flakas. So no one could take her title away.

I will say thanks to everybody who made this event happen and congrats to all the riders for great results. Also big thanks to my sponsors for all the help! (Check the photos).

Some local media links from the event:



Now, I’m already in Fuerteventura with Håkon. We drove all the way from Norway to Spain, and took the ferry over to Lanzarote. We had three days of sailing in Lanzarote. One of the days the swell was big, and I did some of my highest shakas, including a lot of hard crashes.

In Fuerteventura we have had wind every day with 4.8, 4.4. and 4.0. It’s nice to be back here in Fuerte, sailing great evening sessions with friends. Let’s hope the wind stays for the next PWA world cup that will be here end of the month.