New movie and fish attack!

Check out a new movie with an interview edited by Fri Flyt on the link below. Thanks to Fri Flyt and Red Bull Norway for the movie.



The last weeks in Brazil have been really windy. Between 35-50 knots. Sailing most on 4.0 and 3.6. After two weeks of sailing in Jeri I decided to change the spot for a few days.

Together with a German Crew, the polish sailor Kuba and Carina from Austria, I went to the famous flat water spot Camocim. We stayed for five days and sailed every day. Arrianne Aukes arrived to Camocim the same day as us from Holland. It was a nice reunion and fun sailing with everybody in Camocim again. All the locals improved so much since last year. There was a lot of action on the water, especially cool to see Hugo Sousa sailing in 40-50 knots at his home spot. He landed spock into kabi, air-skopu into burner, air-skopu into funnel funnel funnel funnel?!? Just unreal!

My friend Kuba visited Camocim for the first time of his life, and it was a bloody experience for him. He crashed a big move, and after the crash he climbed really fast (more like panic climbing) onto his board and trying to uphal the sail instead of water starting. He sailed back to the beach with a bloody arm. For a second I thought it was a small shark attack (after all the rumors about sharks in Camocim), but apparently he got bit by a fish named Snakehead… Check the photo, not exactly the type of fish you want to have close body contact with…

snakeheadfish 10743870_833917000002651_32494715_o

After Camocim we went back to Jeri and sailed some nice waves. We had especially two really good days sailing only waves. You could do plenty of turns on each wave- just like a dream day in Jeri. With long distance between the waves, and waves rolling in the whole day, everybody was happy. Check out this photo of Edvan sailing a nice wave.

Waves Jeri

More photos:

Thanks to Jeri250 (Edvan and Aurora), Håkon and Kuba for the photos.