Busy days of travelling!

Last weekend I drove all the way from Oslo to Bergen to take part in the Atlantic Winds Challange, the Norwegian Championship in slalom and freestyle. The forecast was looking good, but at the end it was just not enough wind to compete. Other than that it was a great event with around 50 competitors. Some young upcoming stars and some Olympic RSX sailors. The location was Glesvær in Bergen, a very nice place to sail. Hope to be back here next year – with some wind!

Arriving back in Oslo after a long drive back from Bergen, I had to pack my bags again as my flight to Holland was leaving the next day. I’m now in Brouwersdam in Holland to compete in the European Freestyle pro tour. The first day of the competition we had a bit of sailing, but just not enough wind to go through one elimination. The two last days I’ve been watching the tow-in for a bit. Fingers crossed that the wind will show up soon so we can start to compete again. I’m not the biggest fan of waiting around, but luckily it looks like we will get some knots of wind the last day of the event on Sunday.
Have a look at this nice video produced by http://www.continentseven.com

After the EFPT here in Holland I will be home for only days before flying to Brazil, Jericoacoara, for my winter training! Still possible to take part of Arrianne Aukes and my windsurfing clinic there in November. Very excited to go back there!