New sponsors and training in the Caribbean

There are some new sponsors that have showed me their support for the upcoming season. VEMA Produkter, WindJeri and SolRX and are all new for the season. Very happy about this support they are giving me so I can windsurf more.

Vema Produkter will be one of my main sponsor this season – I’m greatful for the support they are showing me. Extra cool that they are a local company from where I grew up in Hobøl. Check them out here

SolRX is a sunscreen originally designed for surfers, triathletes, swimmers and general outdoor fanatics. It’s water resistant, eco-friendly and will not burn your eyes if you sweat. Approved by myself here on Bonaire the last weeks. Great to now use a good brand that works well! Check them out here:

WindJeri is a nice, relaxed hotel/pousada in Jericoacoara where I always spend my time sailing the months before Christmas. Thanks to Luca for the support this season.


So back to where I’m now, in the Caribbean! I arrived and it was fully windy the first days. Spent many hours freestyling and when the wind got lighter I could still plane with my Starboard iSonic 110 slalomboard and Severne Reflex 7.8 slalomsail. Check out a short light wind slalomclip @World of Windsurf facebook page. It really feels like sailing in a pool in this crystal clear blue water! VIDEO LINK:Slalom light wind

The last week I have been slalom racing with Juvannie, Taty Frans, Aron, Baastian and Amado Vrieswijk. Great experience racing against some of the fastest men in the world. World Champion Sarah Offringa also arrived to the island. She helped tuning my gear perfect and BAAAM it became way faster in the light winds. Taty had a GPS and reach 56 km/h, Amado 55 and I 49,7 km/h on my 110 iSonic and 7.8. Not too bad in the light winds, but it can always be better! Looks like it will be many more days of slalom and train at the gym HFC Bonaire as the wind is pretty light for freestyle at the moment. After I started with slalom I’m getting many more hours on the water every year and I can still enjoy and train in extreme light wind conditions – bonus!


The last week of freestylesailing I’ve been using the  Starboard Flare prototype for 2018 and the 2017 Severne freek prototypes. The boardshape and sails are a beast! I can only say that I loved them and for sure the future looks bright with probably the best freestyle gear on the market!

I will have my windsurf clinic going on here in April. There are still space left if you want to join here on Bonaire or the one in Fuerteventura or Brazil (Jericoacoara). For more info email:

See you on the water!