Hvide Sande – PWA World Cup in slalom

Competing in Denmark during the PWA World Cup in slalom was pretty luxury. Being able to drive there and not have to fly with all the gear for a change was amazing! My dad went with me and he turned out to be the perfect caddy from the first minute! Thanks for all the help with the gear, cooking food and the fun times!
The first day of the competition we had some good wind for racing. It was a big fleet with 31 girls from all over the world. We had 4 heats in the first round with 8 riders in each heat. In slalom top 4 in each heat are advancing to the semifinals. And in the semifinal, top 4 goes to the winners final and last 4 goes to the losers final. I started the competition and the first round with a solid heat finishing in 2nd place after Lena Erdil. Then in the semifinal I had a good start being in qualifying position during the first gybe, but the wind dropped and I ended up in the wind shade of the riders gybing after me, so unfortunately lost the spot to the winners final with one place. Was praying for the heat to be cancelled as it was really light, but that didn’t happen. Next heat up then was the losers final. It was a fun race and I finished 2nd place in the losers final.
For the 2nd elimination I sailed into 2nd place in the first round and managed to advance into the winners final after a hard semifinal race. This race started well being 3rd at the first mark, but then once again I found myself in the wind shade of other riders and the whole heat passed me in this very light wind conditions using my 8,6 meter sail. So being in 8th place after the first mark I knew I had a hard job trying to get into the top 4 to go to the winners final. I didn’t give up and only focused on railing my board. I was feeling confident about my speed and passed 3 other riders. At the last mark I did a brutal inside gybe and went into the winners final. Advancing into the winners final I guess karma came back on my as I fell at the first mark and got 8th place in the winners final.
Straight away we started the 3rd elimination and advanced again with a 2nd place after Sarah Offringa. But the wind never came back to finish this 3rd elimination. Can be happy to finish overall in 8th place out of 31 riders. Not too bad with just one year of slalomtraining – more to come! It’s great to mix slalom and freestyle during the season. During the competition I was only using my Severne Reflex7 7.8 or 8.6 sail with my Starboard iSonic 114 liter. Great and fast combination!
Congrats to Sarah, Lena and Delphine for the top spots and great racing!
The other days were spent waiting for the wind. I was also sailing some of these days, but the wind was always a bit to weak for racing. The highlight during the windless days was a football match with the riders. Really fun to play again!