New video and update from Norway

Long time since last update, but here it is! After two PWA slalom world cups in Asia (South Korea and Japan), I’ve spent some amazing weeks back in Norway. I’ve been busy starting up my new company: Norway Sports Adventures AS. For this year it will be organizing windsurf clinics. During last month  more than 80 people were joining the 4 clinics we had. Amazing!

A big highlight was the LOOP clinic. Was such an epic weekend and the riders went all in. Some of them even landed it for the first time after some intense hours of training. A lot of pre-exercises on land and in the water gave many the confident they needed to go for it. A mix of being filmed and a lot of group pressure was all they needed💪 (Join the LOOP clinic in Brazil (Jericoacoara) 2nd-6th of October (more info: e-mail

The future of Norway Sports Adventures AS looks bright! From 2018 there will be many different sports clinics/camps with great instructors in every different sports discipline (mountain biking, sailing, climbing, hiking, kayaking, skiing…). So stay tuned for more info if you want to join any of the sports adventures:

Beside the clinics, Håkon and I’ve been busy renovating our whole apartment in a record time! Just finished the last touch of paint while rushing to the airport to fly to the next world cup. This time finally a WINDY place🙌 It’s the freestyle world cup in Fuerteventura.

While being at home, I sailed some nice sessions in Norway, and last week I drove with two friends to sail my favorite spot Varberg (in Sweden). We had such a cool time on the water. Was nice to catch up with the Swedish team Markus Rydberg and Mikael (Into fire & Water photographer). It helps to push on the water when you know Mikael is behind the camera to catch the best moments.

The first day I started with a freestyle sessions between the small waves. The wind was building up and I was getting close to land a air skopu. Also sick to do some high konos off the wave. What a feeling that gives me👌 As the wind increased, the waves became better. I was doing plenty of backside 360’s in the waves on my freestyle board. This trick is a shaka, but you keep sliding down the wave and finish the move in the wave. A smoother feeling of a move is hard to find! The first day I had 3 sessions. The last session finished 22:30. I was overpowered on 3.6 and my waveboard. Landed some backloops and tried hard to land a wave 360. But ended up behind the wave all the tries….so until next time! Mikael shot some insane photos. The best ones are saved for print magazines, so too bad I can not show you them yet! But here are some other goodies taken from Mikael (Into fire& water) and  Christer Holm (Wave Action).