Bonaire 2 months!

I have been on Bonaire almost two months now, and have only a few days left before I’m heading back to Norway.

In the evening of the 26th of February, I arrived at Flamingo Airport, which must be one of the simplest airports you can find with only one gate! Youp Schmit, the local freestyle hero from Bonaire, was so helpful and picked me up at the airport. He really made my expectations high about the next days of wind as he just came from a windy 4.5 session at Sorobon.

Next day I went to the beach super early, as I still had a jetlag. After watching hundreds of windsurfingvideos from Bonaire, it was finally time to see Sorobon live. Crystal clear blue water and friendly people. First I met Caesar Finies, who likes to throw the sail up 100 meters, and then catch it. He said it was super windy, and I should rig my smallest sail. I went out with my severne freek 4.4 and my new Starboard flare 91 liter. It was absolutely perfect. Never have I been windsurfing at a spot where the wind is that stable. After some days on a 4.4, the wind became a bit lighter. So I used the 4.8 and the 5.2 alot. The first time I tried the freek 5.2 I had to doublecheck if it really was a 5.2. In the hands it feels like a 4.8. Super light and stable. Happy about that, because I used to not be that happy sailing sails bigger than 4.8.

Sorobon is a cool place because of all the different spots on the same beach. In front of the surf center Jibe City, you have nice, shallow crystal clear water with a bit of chop. If you sail away from the surfcenter, you end up at the mangroves. Perfect flat on starboardtack, and a bit stronger wind! Only problem here is the jellyfish. When you crash in the mangrove your body is itching for a bit, but it’s worth the pain when you get that good conditions. If you want flatwater on porttack, you can sail downwind close to the harbour.

It’s really impressive to watch and sail with the locals here, and especially seeing 11-14 years old kids doing difficult moves like skopu’s and culo’s. They have the best place to train with the stable wind, and a spot like Sorobon they can go to almost everyday after school.

The first 7 weeks I was windsurfing almost everyday, so I have been superlucky with the wind here. I have two days left on this island, and it doesn’t seem to be that windy before I’m going back. Now I’m trying to imagine how it will be to surf in a wetsuit in 6 degrees back home…

Thanks to Jibe City, and all the boys and girls for a great trip! Hope to see everybody next year! Also a big thanks to Rå Sport, O’neill and Maui Ultra Fins for their great support!