Illegal windsurfing and a 30 sec shortclip from Bonaire

Looked through some clips from my last session on Bonaire. Click on the link to watch the shortclip! Good conditions!
Short clip from Bonaire. My last session!

Have been home for 3 weeks now, and we have had a alot of wind here in Norway. Cool to sail at my homespots again, although it took a while getting used to the cold water! A huge contrast to Bonaire, but it’s been great. Check out some photos.

Yesterday was one of the best sessions so far. Sailed together with my friend Andreas at a perfect freestylespot. Super powered up on 4.8 for 5 hours. We were so happy after such a great session… Today I found out that if you get caught sailing here, you can get a fee…around 1200 euros…because of some birds…! Glad we didn’t know that so we could enjoy the sweet session! Looked like the birds didn’t really mind our sailing…haha!


Roadtrip with Andreas, who is a happy owner of a Prius car!

His reaction when he realises that his wetsuit was put on the wrong way…

Happy dude after a perfect freestylesession!

Sailed until 21.00!

Gopro test!

Also some photos from the other days at different spots. Check the gallery!