Roadtrip to the next PWA competition, video from Fuerteventura

Just started my roadtrip to the next PWA worldcup in Holland. Had the last day of work yesterday, and now I’m going two weeks to Holland before a three months trip back to paradise, Brazil!

After Fuerteventura I had two freestyle sessions in Norway. Sailed 4.4 and 5.2. Was good to be back to the cold water again, sailing with my Norwegian friends and my good friend Carolina. Carolina came all the way from Peru for a week visit, and we did a lot of different sports. She is a hard core “5-7 meters wave sailor”, but now she had to try some freestyle. Check out the photo of her vulcan… Like a pro!
Carolina trying vulcans!

Some pics from the first sessions of the roadtrip, first stop in Denmark, Vandet Sø.


If you haven’t seen my video from Fuerteventura, check it out! There is also a short interview on, and some other links: