PWA worldcup in Brouwersdam!

I just got back from the PWA competition i Holland. It was a lot of fun with 16 girls competing from all over the world. We managed to run 2 single and 1 double elimination. The wind was up and down between 13-40 knots the whole week. I used all my sails, and spent a lot of time rigging as the wind was shifting between 5.2 and 4.0 each 10 minutes. In the double I won 4 heats in a row, and lost the 5th against Olya Raskina who ended up on a 4th place. Was a pretty hectic day with just 10 minutes break between the heats, and I was always using different sails in each heat. Was good training in changing the boom in a record time. At the end I ended up on 5th place. Big congrats to Sara-Quita as number one and World Champion, my good friend Arrianne who became 2nd, sailing some siiick heats, and Yoli and Olya for 3rd and 4th place.
Video of the PWA girls:

After the competition I spent a few more days in Holland as the forecast looked amazing. Sailed some super nice spots, with my friend Arrianne and “caddy Danny”, which I never really believed would exist! Spots with 2 km superflat water on both tacks. Check out a short moveclip on the link below:

Photos from the competition taken by Carter.

During the competition, I lived with the perfect crew in this beach house!
” Honey flower ” Oda in the middle, team manager häääry on the right, Mr.SWAG on the left side and MAAAArcooo Lufen next to SWAG.

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