This is my third time here in Brazil, and already six weeks spent in this paradise. Luckily there’s almost two months left, but I know it will feel too short as well!

Wave sailing

Wave sailing

The trip has been epic from day one. I arrived just in time to participate in the Jeri Sport Festival wave competition. Was a lot of fun and I managed to win. The waves were really small but the wind was good.
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I’ve been on the water every single day on my new Severne Freek 4.0 and 4.4 and my Starboard Flare 91 liter and Evo 76. Besides windsurfing we have had some nice morning surf sessions with surfboards and stand up paddle.
Last week I tried a new move and my board got stuck in the water which was not so nice for my foot!
I took 2 days off the water, and then it was time for a new wave competition here; Circuito Jeri de Windsurf. It was a great event with 12 girls competing and really well organized. With my good friend Arrianne Aukes in town, I knew it would be really hard. On Friday we sailed the single elimination, and I won this one that made it easier for me in the double on Saturday. After sailing really close heats against Arrianne in the finals, I was the lucky winner.
I hope rest of my stay will be just as good as the first weeks with a lot of sailing, eating acai every day and sleeping in the hammock. Dancing forró , samba and learning some Portuguese. I have met so many amazing and crazy people which also make my stay here even more fun.
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