Back home to the storms!

I have already spent some weeks in Norway now. Due to the “warm winter” we had here with 7 degrees, zero snow and alot of wind, we had some amazing sessions at my homespot Ørekroken during December. The best day was New Years Eve, with gusts up to 40 knots. Sailing here is so much fun when the wind is strong. I tested my new SOLOSHOT, which is a tripod for your camera that films you automatically. Check it out on for more info. Really cool and good for training new moves when you are sailing alone.

New Years Eve

I’m already making new plans for the new windsurfing season and I’m hopeing to compete in all the PWA freestyle worldcups this season. Can’t wait to go on my next trip again with new adventures, alot of sailing, meeting new people and compete again.

The norwegian Smaalenene newspaper put this on the frontpage last week. Cool that windsurfing gets some attention!

Read an interview of me with boardseekermag:

Check out the two videos from the two latest competitions from Jericoacoara: