Back on the water!

After spending seven weeks off the water here in Norway, the wind and the warm temperatures (4 degrees) were finally back! I was getting crazy not sailing for such a long time. Doesn’t make it easier when a big amount of my windsurfing friends constantly uploaded photos sailing in South Africa, Australia, Bonaire and Venezuela…

Sunday was pretty cool. I drove to my homespot Ørekroken, which is the best spot in the world. I was sailing my brand new Starboard Flare 91 liter and the Severne Freek 4.4. Together with a 5/3 wetsuit I was actually sweating in the 4 degrees. The wind was strong and I got some nice small waves/chop who helped me to land my first proper shaka!

MVI_0961.MOV_snapshot_11.56_[2014.01.01_13.15.01] A photo from Ørekroken 7 weeks ago. 1622000_10153872621750094_1254256435_n

In a few hours I’m flying to Bonaire for a new two month trip. Hopefully the windseason there will be as good as last year.

IMG_5268 Bonaire last year 310313_D3_9034_msPhoto by Markus Seidel