B O N A I R E!

Finally back in the Carribbean! Already spent more than a week here. Scored some nice 5.2 sessions and three very good 4.8 days. Sailing here is the best as learning new moves is easier with the flatwater and nice chop at Sorobon beach. Also a great feeling sailing in crystal clear water.

Really nice to be back and see friends from last year. And rumour has it that my windsurfingfriends Arrianne Aukes and Maeli are on their way to this windy island in a few days. Going to be alot of fun with more girls freestyling, and the forcast looks good.

A few days ago there was a “best trick” competition. Girls and boys all mixed. It got filmed, and will be put online so people can vote for the winner. Was such a nice time and everybody was on fire. Of course I don’t have a chance against the best guys like world champion Kiri Thode and all those guys, but managed to land a lot of moves I’ve been training last days. At least it was good training and everybody had so much fun.

Check out a short clip from a morning session:

Gallery from last days. Photos taken by Dieter van der Eyken.