Pics and update about Brazil

Right before Christmas I went back to Norway after three windy months in Brazil. It’s always sad to leave my favourite windsurfingspot and my friends there, but also time to go back home. The stay there was great with strong wind almost every day. Just look how much this dog was struggling against the wind!

IMG_4852 The battle: Dog vs. wind

From my stay in Brazil I made a short freestyle clip.

Some of the clips were filmed from our trip to Maceio. I love that place. We went with a big group of friends and camped with hammocks right on the beach for a few days. Everybody sailed so much and improved a lot. Jeri can be super crowded in November, and that’s why it was even better to go to such a nice spot where there were only a few friends on the water. Learning new moves were a lot easier as you didn’t have to worry about crashing with other sailors, which is never cool.

bilde  The bedsIMG_6394 Phil enjoying a normal sunset, Maceio

This year in Jeri there weren’t any windsurfing competitions, so just free-sailing. But we had one massive competition with 23 participants. The famous “Jeri cake competition 2014”. Congrats to Arrianne Aukes and Phil Soltysiak for the 1st place, Silmara for 2nd and Håkon and Kyro for 3rd place. My team with Carina and Alexandra got the boring 4th place with our really dry Brownie – that we even made it to the top 4 is still a mystery…

Big thanks to everybody in Jeri for making the time there so much fun and all the cool sessions together freestyling, sailing waves, jumping, dancing, surfing and SUPing.

Some links to different sites where you can watch my clip from Brazil:







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