Back on Bonaire!

Last month I flew back to the crystal clear water paradise Bonaire. For the first time in two years here in the Caribbean, I arrived to no wind! I kept myself busy going to the gym and running on these “exciting roads”. The gym on Bonaire, HFC Bonaire, is pretty awesome with all the equipment you need. In the evenings it’s almost like a discoparty – great music, lights, sweaty people and a good vibe!

Finally after a week of waiting, the wind kicked in non-stop for two weeks! Was great to sail again, and I spent my time on the water as good as possible. When the wind got lighter I went for some slalom sessions for the first time in my life. With a 7,8 meter sail and the iSonic 110 I could get good speed with this gear in super light wind. Thanks to Kiri for lending me some gear and rigging! Pretty excited to try out my own slalom gear when I get back to Norway in April. I definitely have to work a lot on my slalom style… Check out some photos taken by Marc van Swoll, Younieq Experiences. 10969035_10205335821702598_1034734918_o

Another highlight besides the windsurfing is to stay at the Sorobon Beach Resort, which is located right where we are sailing. It is a beautiful place, epic food and a really friendly crew working there. The resort is also arranging the famous Sorobon Master competition that last year was full of top PWA riders. This year the competition will take place in May.

I’m looking forward to be spending two more months on Bonaire. Fingers crossed for another windy season. During my stay here I will also fly out for a short 10 days trip to Maui, Hawaii. That will be a new adventure as I have never been there before. Looking forward to that and also the reunion with the Peruvian “sisters” Carolina and Alexandra!