Hawaii, Bonaire and Norway

The last weeks I spent on Bonaire were great. We got a few really windy days during our last week which made our stay there complete. Bonaire was the perfect training ground with a lot of world cup sailors to freestyle with after Christmas.

While staying on Bonaire I flew to Maui (Hawaii) to take part of the Starboard photo shoot. What a great experience! I flew there together with Kiri Thode. Due to a delayed flight it took us three days to get there with four different flights. But we had a great time in Curacao, Miami and LA. Thanks to Kiri and Qirin for showing me around in Curacao.

Finally arriving on Maui, my good friend and ‘sister’ from Peru, Carolina Butrich Schwartzmann, picked me up at the airport. Arriving on Maui I felt the ALOHA straight away! On my first day we went to the beach for a small SUP session. During the shoot with Starboard we also had some time to do other stuff and see a bit of the island. Maui is beautiful! We went to watch the sunrise on top of Haleakala (3055 meters) and the waterfalls named Twin Falls. The jungle with the waterfalls is really impressive. This island has it all with the volcanoes, jungle and the ocean. Looks like a pretty nice place to live with funny and friendly people.

The shoot with Starboard was a lot of fun. Not every day you have a helicopter chasing you on the water. I met all the other team riders of freestyle, wave, slalom and SUP. It is a big team with passionate riders from all over the world. It was great to meet the crew from Starboard who I never met before as they are working in Thailand. Since I’m over the average interested in windsurfing gear I enjoyed trying all the new boards in slalom, freestyle, wave and freeride. I can tell you there is some good stuff coming out for the 2016 boards! Check out some photos below. No action photos as I can’t show the new boards yet!

Arriving back in Norway after Hawaii and Bonaire I went sailing the next day. But this time slalom sailing. My new Starboard iSonic 2015 110 liter and a Severne Reflex6 7.8 had arrived, so it was time for some testing! Sailing slalom is way more fun than expected! Racing with my friends is cool, but racing with my boyfriend is just hilarious. The first time we were laughing more than actually focusing on the speed. I really see how excited Håkon gets when he is on that slalom board thinking he is one of the fastest in the world=)

Slalom is a good combination with freestyle. When I am driving to sail freestyle and the wind is not as strong as predicted I can always go for a slalom session and get more time on the water. Pretty awesome how light the wind can be and still get good speed with a slalom set-up. Check out a 1 min clip sailing slalom:

Last weekend was the first event of the Norwegian Freestyle Cup. We were 10 riders competing and we managed to sail a whole single and double elimination. It was a mix with men and women competing together. Two girls and eight men/boys. It was a lot of fun and great heat training on a pretty cold day. I won the single elimination sailing against Håkon Skorge in the final. In the double elimination we met each other again in the final, and then he won. So we had to sail again in a super final. It was a close race, but I was lucky and won in the end.

The Norwegian TV channel NRK joined me the day before the competition to have a closer look on windsurfing. Check out this reportage they sent on the TV a few days ago. It starts at 8min 35 sec.

LINK: http://tv.nrk.no/serie/distriktsnyheter-oestfold/DKOS99042815/28-04-2015

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